Friday, 28 September 2012

B2ST - Midnight Japan Ver

hello !!!
annyong !!!

arrrghh !!!
tuhan je yang tahu apa perassan isha sekarang ni
arrghh !!!

b2st ada mv baru !!
has new video music !!!
midnight jepan versi !!!
dujun so handsome !!!
i dont know what to say...
arrghh !!!!

bila part dujun je isha macam nak nangis je
arrgh !!!!
huhuhuhu... macam ni lah orang yang tengah fangirling ni..

isha tengok mv ni dah lebih 10 kali kot
tak bosan !!!
b2st !! you are the best !!!

dekat TL twitter tadi.. isha dengan sharmin punya excited bila dah tengok mv ni..
kawan2 twitter isha yg lain pun pun sama
tweet tak ingat dunia

arrrghhh !!!
arrghh !!!
i feel the person in the picture to pull out !!!

he the cutest in b2st !!!
arrghhh !!!

yeah.. this AIMIE who have
dong woon.. he have lilttle arab hybrids :)
that's why he do not seem face little korea :)

yeah !!! i think he is the best rapper ever i,ve heard !!!
serious to talk.. if he rap, i feel relaxed when heard he voice 
love you Jun Hyung 


gi kwang !!!!
the sweet face !!!
he voice quite similar to dujun .. it difilcult to i differentiate 

hyun seung oppa !!!
the cute face after yo seob.. haahaha
he voice is the best in b2st for me !!! i love his voice !!!
hwaiting oppa !!!

this is my b2st !!!
the six member !!!
from korea !!!

Junhyung’s earrings ♥
And Yoseob’s wink ♥
And Hyunseung’s hair ♥
And Doojoon’s voice ♥
And Dongwoon’s little hat LOL ♥
And Gi Kwang the Sweet face ever !!! ♥
lets wacthing the mv !!

i have one request ... i hope the cube entertainment can fulfill my request . i hope the b2st can release a new mv for when i miss you song !! i really really really like this song !!! its a beautiful song... 
i really hope it :))  please.....

sori to say if the picture not nice. i only use the screen picture :) 
that all for tonight,...
bye bye bye 
annyong ^^

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