Sunday, 4 November 2012


annyeong !!!

hoi hoi !!!
you know what the day today ??!!
yes !! its sunday !!!
and its the birthday of TOP !!!
and my topup expiry of date ...

yeah TOP 
one of the member of BIGBANG 
you're 25 years old now TOP ...
"lol.. aku macam cakap dengan bestfriend sendiri je rasa XD"

even your hoarse voice (suara serak basah) , but its verry interesting !!!
when woman heard your voice , directly melts !!!
arrrghhh !!
your so handsome !!!
your eys are shining and narrow eye (mata sepet) ..
arrghhhh !!!
threaten !!!!

i hope you and your group will be success !!!
and i hope b2st will be like you alls !!!
B2ST !!!!  hwaiting !!!

ya allah.. teruknya english aku..

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