Thursday, 31 May 2012

Because I Miss You


ok... isha nak ckp yg isha dah tukar laguu baru kat blog niii
lagu Because I Miss You by Jung Yong Hwa<cnblue>
saya tak suke cn blue :P
lagu nii ost heart string...
i know cite tu dah lama..
teringat laguu ni sbb tadi mase kat study group tengok cite nii sebelum balikk
isha dah tengook dah citer tuuu
tp.. x abis laaa
tengok separuh jeee...

lagu Because I Miss You ni maksud die mmg bestt
touching kooot
nih maksod dieee

because i miss you <jung yong hwa>

always te exactly same sky and always the same day ,
only thing that is different is that you are not here .

i thought i've let you go . without anything left .
no , no . i still haven't been able to let you go . 

longing for you , i am loging for you . because i am loging for you , i call you and call you by myself everyday .
missing you , i am missing you . because i am missing you , 
now i just call out your name like a habit .
even today . 

day by day , i feel like i am dying , so what could i do ?

love you , love you , love you.
without even being able to tell you these .
i've had to let you go like that .
sory . i am sorry . can you hear me ? could you be able to hear my late confession ?

i love you....

k laaaa

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