Monday, 9 January 2012



I hope B2ST read this....

That's my first word I'll say to you when i meet you someday .
I'm really excited to say that word to you but i dont know when ?
Mybe , i'll meet you someday and mybe not ever .
But i really hope 
Because i'm really confident that will make me happy forever and will be sweet memories in my live . 
I dont know why ? I like u so much but i can guest what's the reason. 
That's because i love you , i miss you and i really wanna meet you .
My ambition and my dream is really high .
You're my idol forever and sometimes i think i wanna be like you , success like you , become famous like you and get a lot love from fans . 
But i dont think so 
Mybe it's true , nothing is imposible in this world .
I will try my best to be like you . 
I hope , i can meet you someday.....
I hope....

I hope b2st will read this entry....

Kamsahamnida because you read my post...



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